Operations Service Center
  • Bookeeping, Accounting & Tax
  • Compliance, Licensing & Legal
  • Key-Performance Reporting & 3rd Party Managed Software Solutions
  • Event Management
  • Personal Wellness & Organization
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   Business & Career Growth Center
  • Marketing & Lead Generation 
  • Reputation Enhancement
  • Recruiting & OnBoarding
  • Business Acquisition or Sale
  • Strategic Partner Development & Value-Added Reselling
   Education & Talent Development Center
  • Licensing & Certifications
  • Employee & Personal Knowledge Enhancement
  • Team & Leadership Programs
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  • Longevity Readiness Advisory (LRA) - an innovative approach to healthcare, personal wellness & financial security
  • Packaged Outsourcing Solutions (POS) - a cost effective way to access a host of support services
  • Community Relationship Marketing (CRM) - The Power of Cause Association, For-Cause Chapter Alliances & Culturally-Relevant Marketing
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Through our sponsorship and affiliated relationships with non-profit organizations we show you how to expand your client base and strenghten your reputation 
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