Why people supporting the aging industry are earning CLPA designations?

Doing Good...While Doing Well.   


Jump on the newest and fastest growing Healthcare & Wellness trends by becoming a Certified Longevity Planning Advisor (CLPA).   Earning a CLPA helps professionals succeed in the changing world of long-term care and retirement planning.   It focuses on the disciplines of extended care and financial planning.   It provides professionals the critical tools necessary to discuss the subject of longevity and its consequences on their client's family and finances.  

Grow Your Business with the Feel Good Factor! 
Develop a cause-alliances or open a Longevity Teaming-Affiliated Partner (TAP) Chapter

A for cause-alliance is when a non-profit and a for-profit partner together with the purpose of advancing the mission-related work of the non-profit and the marketing goals of the for-profit partner.  The purpose is to create a win-win situation for both participants.   Now that's a true - win-win!

Learn about our unique Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) program and further separate yourself from your competition!

With people living longer, the aging services business is a profession that requires a specific set of skills.   The CLPA certification and continuing education courses give professionals practical, multi-disciplianry knowledge, tools and resources to help them serve the aging population.   

Through our proprietary longevity plan development process, students learn how to mitgate the consequences by developing a Total Longevity Readiness Report Card for client's.   That Report Card becomes the roadmap for a lifetime thereby producing a client for a lifetime!

In addition to obtaining an CLPA designation we find advisors enjoy both the personal and financial benefits of becoming a Personal Longevity Coach (PLC).    Through our PLC program, advisors learn more about the lifestyle choices for supporting a longer life, including; diet, exercise, relationships and strees reduction.  Learn more...

Want to get Specialty Licensed?   We often find that both our CLPAs and LPCs see opportunities to pursue service specialty licensing.    Through our affiliated partners we can coordinate the training and licensing you need to become a insurance agent, financial advisor, real estate or mortgage specialist.  Contact us