Benefits of Becoming a LPC

Doing Good...While Doing Well.   


There are almost as manying coaching specialists and niches as there are professional coaches and longevity planning coaches is a niche with legs!!

What does a Longevity Planning Coach (LPC) do?   This is lifestyle or personal development coachng with a focus on the lifestyle choices that support a longer life.   Perhaps even more importantly, a longevity coach can help clients make choices that lead to greater freedom and happiness in old age.  

Grow Your Income with the Feel Good Factor! 
Develop a cause-alliances or open a Longevity Teaming-Affiliated Partner (TAP) Chapter

A for cause-alliance is when a non-profit and a for-profit partner together with the purpose of advancing the mission-related work of the non-profit and the marketing goals of the for-profit partner.  The purpose is to create a win-win situation for both participants.   Now that's a true - win-win!

Learn about our unique Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) program and further separate yourself from your competition!

  • You can use your experience to help others with their long term health
  • You can build a new coaching business with an excellent stream of income
  • You can work your own hours-since you set the appointment times
  • You can work at home if you want and coach over the phone or on Skype.
  • By study the Personal Longevity Program, you can learn how to address your own aging concerns

Are you curious about what it takes to live to be 100 years old?   So is everyone else!   

Through our Personal Longevity Program (PLP, you will be prepared to teach client's that they don't have to be dependent on governmental helathcare, but can learn how to manage their own long-term health, vitality and happiness.   Properly prepared and done right, the relationship you build with that client  following our program will truly be for a lifetime.

In addition to coaching around diet, exercise, relationships and stress reduction, don't forget the importance of financial planning for happier senior years.   Speaking of which, to coach in these areas, you really need some expertise.  For both ethical and legal reason, you need to be qualified to advise clients on physical and mental health, the law and finance.    We often recommend that our LPC's explore more about our Certified Longevity Planning Advisor Program and other licensing opportunities.   Learn more...

Want to get Specialty Licensed? We often find that both our CLPAs and LPCs see opportunities to pursue service specialty licensing. Through our affiliated partners we can coordinate the training and licensing you need to become a insurance agent, financial advisor, real estate or mortgage specialist. Contact us