Be Your Own Boss...grab your share of the $20 billion paid to specialty advisors & consultants last year

Become a Certified Personal Longevity Coaching (CPLC)

Health & Wellness Coaching and Longevity Education is a broad new field that didn’t even exist 10 years ago and is now considered one of the hot new careers. Longevity Coaching is closely related to Health and Wellness Coaching which many surveys have identified as one of the hottest new and fastest growing professions of the last ten years.   There are almost as many coaching specialties and niches as there are professional coaches and longevity coaching is a niche with legs.

Many health care organizations, hospitals, and wellness groups hire and use health and wellness coaches.  Traditional Wellness Coaching focuses on the psychology of health and the physical body.  Longevity Coaching includes these factors but also includes our spiritual connection, unconditional love, the psychology of living, scientific research on longevity, vital forces, and using intuition for safety. It covers the entire holistic and traditional medical subjects on long term health, happiness, and longevity.  It’s a new career where you can help others-or expand your existing coaching or education business!   Learn more about becoming a here

Become a Certifed Longevity Planning Advisor (CLPA)

Why advisors should pitch Longevity Planning!  The Bottom Line...Financial, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, Legal, tax and other advisors who can show their clients the real costs of longevity and then provide practical solutions for them are going to effectively separate themselves from their robo-driven competition. The ability to offer the latest strategies for longevity planning coupled with competitive products and services can help your practice to thrive and grow.  Learn more about becoming a here

Become a Certified Employee Benefits Consultant (CEBC)

Becoming a Corporate Wellness - Employee Benefits consultant is one of the hottest new careers in the health and wellness industry.     Whether you consult for a small 3 person business or a multi-national corporation the training prepares you to drive value and build your relationship with the customer.    This certification in combination with being a Personal Longevity Coach is a real win-win for an advisor, an employer and your individual clients.  Learn more about becoming a here   

Become a Better Living Referral Network Member

Did you know a whole industry segment existing for the referral of aging adults to trusted provider.  This includes but is not limited to senior housing, care management.    This can be both active and passive income to grow out a new or existing business.   Learn more about becoming a here

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